Haeckels Blean Woods / GPS 8’ 27”E Candle


Picked on 30th July 2018 / Sunny Day

A location that is further inland than any other scent we have created and by far the most undisturbed. The citrus freshness of the crab apple sits within an ancient forest, the sound of a nearby stream and small creatures will sooth and relax you as you examine the range of indigenous trees, plants and herbs that surround you. Ferns and purple orchids grow along the path whilst further in the distance silver birch, hornbeam and crab apple trees thrive. In a clearing amongst this natural and undisturbed beauty lies the remnants of an abandoned camp fire with large logs gathered around the central point of charred wood and ashes.

270ml / 40 Hours Burning Time

Scent Experience

Top: fruity, warm and citrus

Heart: green, smoked moss

Base: woody and clear

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